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Heyyyy! I’m excited to share with you this video that Drew Giles created to express my teachings and offerings. I am very passionate about what I teach and my message. I believe in experiencing each moment of life as a precious encounter. Start by nourishing your body through movement and nutrients, nourishing your mind through mindfulness and meditation and nourishing your soul through connection to nature, energy, your heart and source. I want to help anyone willing to listen and do their work through a variety of techniques in mindfulness, breathing, movement through yoga and body awareness and connection. What I aspire to create for each person who attends my classes, healing, trainings, workshops and/or retreats is a safe space to feel supported and connected in order to learn more about themselves and find ways to grow into their best selves. Let’s cross paths and unmask your potential so you can start living authentically with passion.

I am so grateful Drew Giles was willing to create this video so I have the opportunity to express my visions and passions to each of you. Another Huge thank you to all the people involved in the making of this video including Infinity Yoga for allowing me to use the space! My heart is so full with all the LOVE that everyone has bestowed upon me in sharing my heart and purpose with all of you. Enjoy and let me know what you think?

I choose this Music by Garth Stevenson (my fav “Flying”) because when I first listened to it I got chills and it truly sang to my heart.

Video by Drew Anderson Giles