A healing + connection intensive for those looking for a deeper, more committed healing breakthrough experience. Includes work around journaling soul work, healing with nature, reiki, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, fasting and more...

We will be fasting from Friday at 3pm - Sunday at 11am. 44 hours of Fasting. We will be drinking water and lemon. You are able to have coffee black and I will provide a meal plan 3-4 days before and after so you know you will have the maximum heightened experience. We will be doing lots of pranayama and meditation and reflection through journaling. I will be leading healing circles and nature healing walks. I will conduct 2 “lectures” on healing and health during the course of the weekend along with some handouts and crafts to do. We will have a few hours of silence throughout the weekend for reflection and deep connection to ourselves. Upon leaving I will send you off with some follow up soul work to do and each of you will receive a 30 min follow up call with me 2 weeks after the weekend which we will schedule before the journey. This will be an intimate experience of journeying through patterns, shifts and experiences so allowing yourself to be vulnerable and surrendering to this experience is where the most breakthrough will happen. 

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