meet MYSTIC & SHAMAN jessica

My passion is to INSPIRE you!

My purpose is to REMIND us to explore our connection to all living things. I hold space for you to anchor and move the body, activate the heart and trust spirit guidance as it flows up. Bringing healing and wisdom from nature, animals and all the elements as guidance on our path. Helping healers to anchor into their roots, unmask their hearts, and trust spirit and their own intuitions.

To ANCHOR + MOVE the BODY: I show you how to ground and anchor your awareness within the body. To harness movement whether it be through yoga or creative movements by listening to what the body wants and feels. I encourage you to connect with nature and by doing so you experience your full presence.

To ACTIVATE your HEART: I show you how to release energetic blockages around your heart and aura through energy movements and breath work which creates a peaceful more natural state. As you surrender with these tools, get ready to receive more of the healing, the inspiration and the peace.

To TRUST Spirit GUIDANCE: I show you how to trust the guidance that is available all around you. Everything is interconnected and if we stop and feel we can recognize everything is a part of our path…to the trees, the animals, the gut feelings, the inner knowing, the people and situations around us, to what draws our attention “randomly” and to what we push away. These are all messages for us. Even the reactions within us are part of the learning experience. How we receive might look different from person to person….it is all for you. Nothing is right or wrong. The practice of surrendering and solitude will help you feel this connection more and more. I’ll show you how.

I am a Projector in the Human Design world. “Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.” - Jenna Zoe

”Projectors are, born students. The Projector is here to guide. What is interesting about Projectors is the way in which their aura functions. When you're dealing with a Projector the aura literally focuses, and it focuses on the other. It is this ability to focus that gives them a unique capacity to recognize the essence of the other being. And in fact, what they are indeed focusing on is your identity, which at the same time often creates a backlash, it creates a reaction and the reaction is recognition. Projectors are not after your energy, but they are designed to be able to gain access to it. A Projector is here to understand deeply how and where energy should be used. And because their aura is very very focused in this way, they "invite" openness, which makes it very, very difficult for Projectors to escape the influence of the conditioning forces that are around them. As a Projector you really need to be formally invited into any situation, and to gauge if that invitation is correct for you based on your own inner authority. The very strategy that you have is an indication of the natural demand for respect that you deserve. You have to surrender to demanding respect. It is very important for Projectors to be careful about the people they associate with. The quality of their associations directly impacts their wellbeing. If Projectors would trust in the power of their aura, their auras would pull to them the attention, the recognition, and the correct invitation to the energies that they are here to recognize and to guide.” - Ra Uru Hu, founder of The Human Design System.

I feel drawn to work with others looking to access and understand their alignments as well as their “not-self themes” and how it impacts their work as guides, teachers and leaders in this lifetime. I love mentoring other healers (Reiki, Shamans, Light workers) to harness their authentic selves as they share their gifts with the world. Moving away from FEARS and EGO in order to settle into the present moment where their passions and heart thrive.

My work has evolved and I have gained many tools along the way. As with all my work, the experience is created and executed using divine wisdom and guidance. I love sharing my toolbox of techniques to create a customized practice for you to explore and connect with the more authentic you.  My offerings include customized Group (up to 10 ppl) Healing Circles where i utilize all different styles of yoga, breath-work, meditation, energy work w/ Reiki, crystal healing and Shamanism. I also offer Moon inspired/healing Workshops, Shamanic Reiki Trainings, host retreats near and far and more…

My compassion and passion is what I hope offers you inspiration to share your love and healing with the world. I feel honored to be able to live this dream and share it with you. 

Peace, Love and Deep Gratitude,


Jessica's Story:

Many of us have had "aha moments" in our lives. I call these awakened moments, when we are open to receiving our truth. This feeling is experienced when your soul awakens the body into expansion. This is when the truth reveals itself to you. Within the past 5 years I have discovered a truth about my childhood that I had been carrying around for most of my life. Becoming authentic and discovering our truth is a journey. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to be open to these moments when your truth bubbles up. 

Yoga was the magical tool where I can recall I had my first moment of awakening. It gave me the opportunity to discover and explore myself on a deeper level that I was not aware of. The effect it had on my mind and nervous system was impactful and life changing. I began to notice my frustration level slowly diminishing and I was able to let go of things that normally would bother me. The breath work and meditation practices were what made my transitions and transformations possible but it certainly took a lot of discipline and patience to get to where I am now…and it continues to this day.

From the time I was very young, my loving and authentic self was buried by my ego. My ego has molded the idea that I need to prove my SELF, my worth and that I needed to be accepted by everyone I encounter and if I was rejected and criticized I would not be worthy or deserving of love. 

I was constantly on stage from the minute I woke up. My "perfect ego" would put me together and send me off into the world. When my ego was fed, I felt satisfied, strong and powerful. When my ego was hungry or starved, I felt unappreciated, unloved, unworthy and physically sick. This was such an unhealthy balance and I was on a roller coaster ride that never ended.

These judgments and high expectations I put on myself created lots of stress and anxiety. I was constantly letting myself down and beating myself up with negative talk. This inner chatter really started to wear me down. I became overwhelmed and frustrated which made me anxious and short-tempered. My workaholic tendencies did not help since I prioritized my graphic design career over my health and happiness most of the time.  Although my passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle was there in my heart, my need to prove myself was getting in the way. Fear reigned supreme!

At this point my digestive system became dysfunctional and fried! I would go on binges of healthy eating just to get "back on track" but until I would relax my mind and let go of whatever it was I was holding onto; a project that I “failed” at, a comment that was made etc ...nothing would really work. I was exhausted! After years of battling my GI issues, skin issues and my internal emotional drama…something had to change. The physical work was easier to handle but at this point i needed more than food to heal the damage.

Over the years, my practice of yoga and healing modalities gave me the courage to stand up for myself. To do what serves me before what serves everyone else’s “impression” of me. Through this journey into healing I have become aware of my patterns and have worked at shifting from my ego mind into my heart. The more authentic me has resurfaced and I embrace all of my experiences as part of my path.

I believe in sharing my story with you because YOU DESERVE THIS SAME OPPORTUNITY.

Let’s cross paths and unmask your potential so you can start living authentically with compassion and joy!