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I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help support you. I feel honored + blessed for every one of you for sharing, exploring, creating and inspiring me to keep paying it forward. Peace, Love + Light.

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Jessica is INCREDIBLE at what she does, and I've been lucky enough to experience her coaching, reiki trainings, & yoga (and don't plan on stopping! Ever! Haha). I went through Level 1 Reiki training with Jessica at Infinity, and am currently getting ongoing coaching with her to grow my knowledge in reiki, coaching & yoga.

I received a reiki session from her just a few days ago and am feeling an incredible rebalancing of energy happening within my body, fueling me so positively in all aspects of my life. During the reiki session she also gave me a ton of awesome guidance on my spirit animals, angels, chakras, current life path, & soo much more. I appreciate Jessica's kind & gentle approach, and she's incredibly generous with her students just wanting to share her knowledge!

Thank you Jessica! I want to tell EVERYONE about you!!

Danielle D.

Where to begin with Jessica Calderon! Jessica is an angel sent straight from heaven. She has truly made my life better. I'm so blessed to have her in my life for yoga, meditation, reiki, nutrition coaching, and as a friend!

Yoga & Meditation - I connected with this amazing yoga teacher from my very first class with her. She is an inspiring teacher that will push you much further than you think is possible. She brings a spiritual aspect to her classes and leaves you with wisdom to take off your mat. I can't get enough of her classes - from restorative, meditative classes to fun, flowing classes. She is the best!

Reiki - Jessica's reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and healing. There is something very special about her and her energy. Beyond the reiki, you are treated to soothing music and essential oils. I decided to try reiki to help manage stress and it has been very effective! I feel balanced and peaceful after a reiki session and that positive force stays with me beyond the session.

Nutrition - I joined Jessica for two detox cleanses that helped me get rid of some bad habits. Jessica is so knowledgeable and will explain the reasons behind why she makes the recommendations she does. The why is always what helps leave a lasting impression and bring real change to my mindset regarding certain foods and behaviors.

I could go on forever. Thank you Jessica for the many ways you bring your light and love in to this world for the benefit of others! You are very loved!

Monica G.

Jessica Calderon has been my Yoga Instructor and Mediation healing coach for the past 3 years. She is an excellent Yoga instructor who provides lots of great tips and explanations for different poses and forms of Yoga.  

Her Vinyasa Yoga classes are challenging and relaxing at the same time as she guides you through the difficult poses with grace, patience and vast knowledge. Jessica knows and understand the body, she doesn’t go through the motions. She is an educator for the body and soul.

Her outer beauty is just an added bonus to what a beautiful person Jessica is from the inside. As a New Yorker, she was used to a fast paced, and at times, stressful life, I can relate to that as I grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel which has a similar fast paced stressful, “running after the clock vibe.”

Jessica has helped me with stress management and focusing my attentions on the importance of a relaxed and more balanced life, over-all well-being and learning how to let go. 

The practice of meditation was not easy for me and it didn’t happen overnight. I still have lots of work to do and much to learn but Jessica’s guidance and coaching is making it all possible.

I practice mediation healing with Jessica every Monday morning in a group setting via a remote zoom video. These sessions help set the tone of my day and week.

To me, mediation isn’t only about breathing and learning. It also aides me in refocusing wandering thoughts. Yoga for me has many layers and depth. I love that Jessica’s “lectures” in these sessions are also about giving important background and explanations of the work that needs to be done for the healing to be beneficial and helpful. It also helps that her teaching voice is always so soothing and peaceful.

Jessica can help change your life, the way you think, the way you connect with your body and soul. Her weekly letters are a wonderful addition and her website is informative, organized and always interesting. Jessica is not only one of my favorite Yoga instructors ever but one of my favorite human beings of all times.

Ronit P.

I have been doing private yoga sessions with Jessica for almost a year. I had no idea when I was placed with Jessica that I would be getting a friend, therapist and spiritualist all rolled into one incredible human being. Jessica’s inner beauty is as compelling as her outer beauty. Having back issues Jessica adjusts my yoga sessions to my personal needs. I attended her Woman’s New Moon Yoga Retreat (never attended any kind of retreat before). This was an eclectic group of woman that did not know each other but had a common bond....Jessica. We healed, learned and laughed our way through the retreat. I learned more about myself in 3 days then I ever knew. Jessica has also become part of my family having gotten my adult children through some trying times. Jessica is truly a gift from above and I would like to share her with other people.

Rebecca Z.

I first met Jessica at Infinity Yoga where we worked together- I worked the front desk and she was teaching. I soon found out that she offered so much more to the world than being an amazing yoga teacher and friend. The time we spent talking before and after her classes truly left an imprint on my heart. She introduced me to Reiki, and since then I have received both Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 certificates from Jess, and I am so looking forward to the day I can continue with Level 3! We have one-on-one Reiki sessions, that are always a lifechanging experience. During a Reiki session she offers the use of essential oils, crystals, Palo Santo, soothing music, and calls on Gaudian Angels and spirit animals – of course you could opt out of any of these – but for me I want it all! After sessions, she will talk about everything that came up for her, and her timely manner of getting an email with all of her notes are remarkable. Jessica’s meditations, in person and online, are so soothing and calming, and leave lasting impressions. I have done a 21 day cleanse with her and Mandy Roberts through Form Yoga, and I mean – without the help and guidance and knowledge of those two, I would not have survived! Jessica has opened my eyes to a whole new world, and for that I could not be more grateful. This woman is unstoppable! She is inspiring, creative, endearing, and passionate about her work. I have, and will continue to recommend Jess to everyone I meet. Jessica has been such a special light in my life for a year now, although it seems like I have known her for a lifetime before.

Mekensie J.

I first met Jessica at a yoga studio, her energy in class was already very healing, she is always able to guide the class in a way that helps us find our best selves, to ground and leave re-energized. When I scheduled my first reiki healing I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for but I trusted her and the signs that led me to her. I was dealing with a lot of emotional stress and couldn’t find the right level of relief, some of which  I wasn’t even aware of and only discovered after my first session with her. I had a lot of things blocking my energy on a everyday basis, anxiety and fear were always present in simple things. The way the healing works is very hard to understand but you just feel it working. Some people just happen to have the gift to be able to do that for other people and Jessica is one of them. Her energy and connection to nature help us in a very pure way and somehow it works. When I feel that I lost my balance, I know she can help me get back to my happier and more grounded self. I learnt that some things you don't need to understand, trust is enough.

Fabiola L.

Jessica opened my eyes to the idea that health is not just about food and exercise. In order to build the healthy lifestyle that I desired, I needed to examine the individual pieces of my life's puzzle. As a part-time Yoga Instructor, my workout routine was consistent enough to maintain a desirable weight. However, my lack of ingesting nutritious foods, hectic work schedule, stressful home environment and inconsistent sleep cycle were contributing towards an unhealthy lifestyle. With Jessica's guidance and support, I have begun to uncover my own personal state of wellness. I have adapted better choices when cooking and grocery shopping and have also started to supplement over the counter and prescription medications with natural alternatives. Jessica holds me accountable in a loving and nurturing way and she patiently helps connect the missing puzzle pieces. LOVE her!

Veronica P.

"Jessica is an inspirational and valuable yoga instructor.  I have truly learned so very much about myself through her yoga instruction.  It has given me the confidence to pursue other things, like running.  Which is something I thought I would have never been able to accomplish.  She has helped me gain such an insight into myself, my outlook on life, and in dealing with everyday events.  I try to never miss a class because the rewards are so great.  My day is a little brighter when I know I'll be attending one of Jessica's classes." 

Marlene O.

"Thank you Jessica! Thank you for your support, compassion, wisdom and humor. Thank you for teaching me the importance of breathing, meditation (if only for a few minutes!), and letting go. You are an incredible yoga teacher and have an amazing way of explaining poses and positioning. I used to be so scared to get into certain poses because of my lower back issues, but you've taught me to listen to my body and be less fearful. My yoga practice has come a LONG way--- thanks to you! You are truly a gift and a very special person. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you."

Julie E.

"I just had an amazing experience having taken part in a Reiki healing with Jessica. Immediately, the aromatherapy put me into a state of bliss with a calm breathing that I have rarely experienced in my life. It was at that point, relaxation reigned supreme and the physical and mental me surrendered. Jessica's healing is akin to witnessing the best rainbow or sunset that you have ever seen, it is hard to explain in detail, but you know that you're a better person having experienced it. This is mental floss and healing of the body combined!!! Simply put, that day I left a two-year nagging shoulder injury on that table and extricated an "emotional anchor" that no longer serves me. Namaste." 

John C.

"I was introduced to Jessica about a year ago and what a welcome addition she has been to my life. I had taken a random yoga class before but never really "got it." If it's your 1st yoga class or 100th, Jessica welcomes you with a calm and gracefulness that puts everyone at ease. After 4 classes it sucked me in and I was hooked. 

At the time my life included many disruptions and distractions, so I found this new outlet incredibly beneficial. The classes helped me focus on what I needed and taught me how to put myself first. Jessica also introduced me to the healing powers of Reiki. I've done a few sessions with her, and the benefits have ranged from relaxation, reduced stress, positive attitude and spiritual healing.

Jessica has a natural gift for healing, her light shines bright and you just can't help being touched by it." 

Jen W.

"I have been a student of Jessica's for almost a year in both group classes and private one-on-one settings. She has a comprehensive approach to health and wellness (mental/physical/spiritual connection) and provides exceptional guidance as an instructor - challenging you to grow in and through your yoga practice and carry that growth into your everyday life."

Andria L.