I'm so grateful to have connected with so many humans on this path of life...Here are some Love Notes from them. 


During these 90-120 min sessions with Jessica, she uses a variety of tools and techniques to create a magical relaxing and restoring experience for you and your friends and/or family. These session may include gentle or Restorative Yoga, Breath-Work, Meditation, Reiki healing, Energy Activations w/ Shamanic Rituals and Movements, Aura Cleansing and Clearing, Card Readings, Nature Walks, Spirit Animal Journey’s to meet your guides, essential oils, sound therapy and more.

A great way to connect with loved ones and share a healing experience. Birthday’s, Support Groups, Girls Night In. A perfect experience of Self Love and Self Care.

Groups of 4 and up to 10. I keep this experience intimate so you can ALL enjoy the amazing energy!



During these REMOTE sessions with Jessica, she uses Reiki + Shaman rituals and healing techniques to release energy obstructions/congestion that are creating pain in the body and/or leaving you stuck in old patterns allowing you to find more clarity and harmony within you. Unless specific areas are needed to work through she normally works around the chakras (energy "hubs" centers) within the body. During these remote sessions, you can set yourself up in a cozy environment w/ essential oils, crystals, sound bowl music or whatever feels right to you…there is no right or wrong here! With her intuitive nature, she will receive guidance and messages from both your guides (angels, animals etc). We will meet for a few minutes over FT or Zoom video to chat about your intention and check in. Then we will disconnect and allow the healing to being. Jessica records the sessions w/ guidance that she will send to you right after the session. This enables you to receive the healing every time you listen to the recording.

This healing will help you reflect, release, reset and engage your body’s own self-healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It will help you release patterns and habits and belief systems that are not serving you. In this way your body is able to repair and create an internal balance enabling your body to function at optimal levels. It helps to clear energy centers restoring a more harmonious flow. When our energy is obstructed, our level of vibration drops and diminishes our love and light energy. This can build up as tension, pain, stress, feeling drained, sluggish and could even turn into sickness/illness. As you receive the Reiki healing coupled with Shaman healing experience your brain goes into an alpha state similar to that experienced during meditation or right before falling asleep and this is where obstructions are released and cleared. As this balance is restored you will feel more grounded, more creative, more clear, more empowered to life life with purpose and passion.