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Here are a few of my favorite humans/souls. I value their work and highly recommend them for their craft. I am blessed to have crossed paths with these amazing souls. I am grateful and would like to share my experiences with you so that maybe they can offer you the same wisdom, guidance, healing and health that I received.

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Andria Lavine

(My fav photographer, who inspires others on their yoga journey and who has a love and appreciation of her journey and attracts those same frequencies, friend w/ Panda Spirit)

IG: alavinephotog

I met this nurturing, ready to learn and grow human in one of my first classes teaching upon moving to Atlanta. Her radiance and willingness to explore on her mat was magnetic. She was ready to take yoga into her life and grow within the body and mind. Her dedication to her practice was a gift to watch and over the years she kept expanding the practice into her daily life. She was inspired to integrate yoga into her photography craft. She began numerous adventures with carpool yoga, an inspire journal which you can get on amazon now and many other journeys on IG she shared with her audience. Her warm and inviting nature is a blessing to be around. She has done some photoshoots with me and has been apart of our women’s retreats. Come join us and experience her essence as well.

Antoinette Moura

(My fav ingredient detective, badass mom, retreat partner, friend w/ Eagle Spirit!)

IG: @bythepowerofshe

Antoinette is a powerhouse of knowledge and guidance in the health and wellness world. Her kind and loving nature invites you in as she asks, “Do you really want to know” - (haha) and my reply, “of course I do!” But in all seriousness, I LOVE that she asks for your permission. It goes to show you she understands everyone is at a different level and on their path, she meets you where you are. As someone who has worked in the Health and Wellness coaching myself, I might have learned more from Antoinette than in my studies! Experience is everything in life and she has held space for me to dive deeper into the depth of knowledge and experience the truth behind food claims, labels and more. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am grateful to have met you and it’s an honor to work magic alongside you. Keep bringing your heart and work out there, with grace and gratitude, we need you! Looking forward to co-leading future retreats, events and the new “Goddess” empire we are creating!

Ashley Lorenzo

(My fav twinsie projector, retreat partner, yogi, friend w/ Dolphin Spirit!)

IG: @ashleylorenzoyoga

The sweetest gift wrapped with a heart of gold and surely a natural born teacher. Her Smartflow yoga classes are like no other. Ashley holds space for you to grow and connect within your body. Being a student in her classes, gives me space to feel in my body. You work hard, laugh hard and enjoy the experience all around. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her classes…you are missing out! I’ve had the opportunity to co-lead retreats with her and what a blessing that is. Thank you Ash for reminding me to feel, to be and to laugh! I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Looking forward to more synergies, giggles, yoga dates and retreats with you!


(My fav acupuncturist w/ humor and a wealth of knowledge who lives his craft)


I met Cameron a few years ago when a student referred me to him. His is a true healer and hones his craft. I had Bells Palsy at the time and nothing was helping. The left side of my face was frozen and I could not close my eye. After just one session with him my healing began. I could move my face slightly and the progress continued the more I went to him. I trust him and honor his work tremendously. I go about once a month (sometimes more) for maintenance and my “express to savasana” time. I am so relaxed and “floating” when I have a session it is divine. I use the monthly sessions as a self-care practice and I can feel my energy shift during and upon leaving my sessions. If you have not tried acupuncture or would like to try it, he’s your human!

Dani Dillard

(My fav empowering, loving, I don’t give a f*ck friend, healer w/ Tiger Spirit!)

IG: @danidillard

I met Dani at one of my Reiki Trainings a few years back and we instantly clicked. Her desire to learn and grow from within is inspiring and empowering! Her journey is captivating many across the globe as she travels into the depths of her soul as well as the physical landscape. I’ve had the opportunity to do some Akashic Record Readings with her and they have been amazing. The guidance she downloads from spirit is magical. She is a coach and here to serve by nature as she guides you to unravel your own wisdom and connection. She is truly a channel of information and her passion to teach you to do the same is undeniable. Book a reading or session with her and see for yourself! Look forward to spending more time with you in person or through the frequencies of energy!

Dr. Cathy Franklin

(My fav chiropractor, massage therapist, intuitive healing likeminded friend)

IG: @askdrcathy

From the moment I walked into Dr. Cathy’s office space I knew there was something special I was about to experience. Oh and she’s not just any ol’ Chiropractor. Depending on where you are on your path she will intuitively pick up what you are ready to receive and can navigate through your personality, fears, tendencies and experiences with her training in Concept Therapy. I’ve had many breakthrough sessions (crying, inspired and all the good stuff) with Dr. Cathy over the years with her work in zone therapy coupled with concept therapy. She has helped my physical pain but just like most physical pain, it’s never just that. In her teachings she helps you to realize some of the repressed emotions and supports your understanding of the deeper wisdom that is coming to the surface. If you are intrigued by this, it’s your time to check out this fascinating experience. I am so grateful for her loving and kind soul and can’t wait to create alongside her in our new “Goddess” empire together! Get ready for an impactful experience everyone!

Fabi Lovell

(My fav photographer & yogi friend w/ Lion Spirit!)

IG: @fabilovell

A few years ago I met this sweet angel in one of my classes. Don’t let her sweetness fool you though…she’s also a kick ass, tell you how it is, rockstar photographer! Her creative nature and incredible empathic ways allows her to capture your soul and essence within her photos. Fabi has a beautiful creative eye and can meet you where you are in creating moments that seem to last each time you glance at her photography. Fabi has taken many of the photos you see me posting on my website and some social media. Her heart reaches further than you can imagine and can’t wait to see what her new inspired ideas are creating & building in the physical realm! Looking forward to more of these experiences with you.

Gregory Drambour

(My fav authentic Shaman healer, mindset coach and writer w/ Panther Spirit)

IG: gregorydrambour

Greg truly embodies authenticity and wants to share his knowledge with the world. I found him as I was in search of my Shaman teacher to learn and explore this avenue of healing and honing my craft. After many synchronicities and me “paying attention to the signs” I welcomed Greg as my teacher and mentor while I journey through his Shaman Training. It was exceptional and the experience was magical. As he teaches us to honor nature and all beings in this world (and so much more), I begin to open up the possibilities of my own gifts and craft. I quickly realized some of the tools and techniques I had been using already out of natural tendencies which was confirming my presence in his training. He holds space for you to grow and expand and allows you to recognize your own moments of growth and to hone your AUTHENTICITY! Aside from the training, I did a solo retreat in Sedona with him last May 2018 which was extraordinary in many ways. I had a huge breakthrough with him in only a day of working with him. It took some time to integrate but WOW it was amazing. He specializes in working with couples and has been healing and offering his services for 30+ years. He is a wonderful teacher and mentor and I highly recommend his work. He also has written several books of which I have read that are impactful as well, they are: The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman and His Daughter and the Lead Guitarist and the Sisterhood of the Wolf. Check them out and see for yourself! Thank you, Aho, my friend, I appreciate your work, your offerings and your healing gifts and allowing me to grow and give back as you do. My heart is full!

Jen butler

(My fav badass boss-lady coach, healer, intuitive, creative magician friend w/ Hippo Spirit)

IG: @jenbutlersays
Website: click on name

One of my newer encounters this past year (although we have met each other a few years back) has been the amazingly talented, hysterically funny, super fast typer, writer of many books (stay tuned) and all around bomb diggity chic who has become a big part of my life and my work. For many years with my business I have been inspired to do do do and never seem to get much off the ground and running. I feel like Jen and I have so much in common it’s like a mirror and constant reflection which has helped me see truths and flags and realizations. We know that we could sit and talk for hours and hours about spirit guides, traveling through different dimensions, world peace, soul journey’s and all the like but we also know we have 24 hours in a day (although time is linear) and so…We both love learning and diving deep into the intellect, the soul and the many realms we weave. Jen has been outstandingly helpful in supporting me as I hone my craft. She has been coaching me with my business creating a customized (because we do not all operate the same way) approach and meeting me where I am each time. She challenges me to push through my fears and keep me accountable with my actions. It’s like, as I speak, she organizes my thoughts and words into a more clear and succinct expression. Taking my overwhelming inspired action in my head and filing it into the proper location. Thank you Jen for your love and support and for being YOU! I can’t wait to see what creations come to play. If you are a creative/healer individual in need of some strategizing, organizing and help to execute your ideas…she is your person! People need to know about her gifts and talents!

a few of my favorite things…

  1. Colette Baron-Reid Spirit Animal Card Deck and Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck - Gorgeous artwork and divine messages. I was instantly drawn to both these decks and absolutely LOVE everything about them.

  2. Energy Muse Jewelry and Crystals - I’ve been wearing this jewelry for at least 10 years and love the quality. Since doing energy work, I can certainly feel more of the high vibes these works of art give off.

  3. Neal’s Yard Organics Essential Oils - These are good quality, well sourced essential oils for bringing so much more healing to the mind and body. I use these during my sessions and classes. My dear friend, Antoinette has introduced them to me and I find their high quality with affordable prices…a perfect match!

  4. Glo (yoga app) — If I can’t make it to a class and want to still be led and guided in a practice I will choose this app. A great selection of teachers and a variety of classes to choose from. If I pay for it, I will be more disciplined to use it verses a free one, ha!

  5. Insight Timer - I love this app, because it has a variety of meditations and teachers to choose from (including me! - shameless plug!) along with a tracking and timer to keep up with your progress. I personally like to use the timer more than anything. It rare that I am drawn to pre-recorded guided meditation but I have found some that I really resonate with — especially some of the music, the shamanic journey’s and Sarah Blondin’s Live Awake.

  6. My Favorite IG accounts lately are: #shamanism, @akitching, @jennazoe, @shamandurek, @iamalysoncharles

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I feel very connected to these radiant animal beings. I donate to this cause to support this community and to show my love and loyalty to these warriors.

If the Wolf Conservation doesn't touch your heart...what can you do to give back to your favorite charity? I want to inspire you to do what is good. To help others whether they be animals, humans etc without conditions. To give back and allow another living thing to feel the love behind each and every gesture. My heart is full of gratitude.

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