I’m very grateful to be featured within these podcasts and magazines. It’s been a blast! I’m very passionate about what I do and love to teach and inspire you along the way. Interested in working with me? Want to talk Shamanism, Healing w/ Reiki, Connecting w/ Nature, Yoga, Breath-work and more? Contact me.


62: Shamanism, Connecting to Spirit, and Shadow Work with Reiki Master + Shaman Jessica Calderon

Jessica returns to talk about her journey to Shamanism, and how we can all use it to connect back to nature and tune into our innate spirituality and connectivity to all living things. We also discuss the importance of shadow work, and why it's so crucial for happiness.

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VoyageATL Magazine: Inspiration from Sandy Springs

VoyageATL Magazine: Inspiration from Sandy Springs

VoyageATL Magazine: Inspiration from sandy springs: Meet Jessica Calderon…

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessica Calderon. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t why don’t you give us some details about you and your story…

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Free-Minds 12: Letting Go Of Control With Jessica Calderon

How do we surrender to the universe, and allow life to take us where we were always meant to go? Our brains are wired for control, craving to live in certainty and always be safe. Reiki Master, Shaman and Yoga Teacher, Jessica Calderon ("thej-way") dives into how we can begin to let go of this notion of control, and in this freedom we really begin to live authentically from our hearts. This is where the truest expression of our being comes to fruition. Listen in and learn how you can let life live you, allowing a path to manifest under your feet as you follow your dreams!


13: How to Incorporate Energy Healing into Your Self-Care Practice with Shaman and Reiki Master Jessica Calderon

Jessica Calderon is a yoga instructor, shamanic healer, and Reiki Master. Through her own need and desire to heal, she immersed herself into learning and perfecting the ancient energy healing art of Reiki and is now using what she learned to serve others. Jessica explains what Reiki is and how it can be used to bring balance back to our minds, bodies and souls. She shows us that we don't have to go on week-long retreats to find peace, that we can incorporate small but powerful practices into our daily lives for massive positive change.