Look At What I've Been Up To...

I have been doing lots of work behind the scenes the past few months updating & refreshing my website with some photo shoots in between.

Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot that I did with the amazing Andria Lavine at alavinephotography.com. You can also see some of the images I have uploaded here. We had so much fun laughing (which happens often with us), talking yoga, philosophy and all that fun stuff! Andria is a student of mine who is eager to learn more about yoga. With my love of nature and the outdoors she suggested a site in a beautiful area of Atlanta within a small community. Great energy and a serene atmosphere that calls for a yoga photo shoot...and so it did. 

Aside from the fun shoots, I have refreshed my site with some new information and added in a little more of me. I think its important for you, my clients, my students, my teachers and everyone else who I encounter to know who I am and how I would like to serve in the world. Not only is connection important with OUR OWN physical bodies, mental bodies, emotional bodies and energetic bodies; it’s also important with our surroundings; people and places. This is something I hold true when I work with you. 

With that said, I have developed a revised program "Transition into Wellness" that now incorporates all areas of health. Here you get to experience health and lifestyle coaching, movement with yoga, connecting deeper with meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) and supporting your own self healing ability both mentally and physically with Reiki, crystals and aromatherapy. I cover all areas of your lifestyle so you can balance in the way that speaks true to you.

Want to learn more? Contact me at jessica@thej-way.com. Or, maybe you know a loved one who could benefit from my help and support? Send them my way. 


In health, love and light, 

Transition into Wellness